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Speeding up our slowest endpoint by 90 percent

The 'All Decks' page on MTGATracker: Inspector in some cases could take up to 30 seconds to load. Here's how we got it down to under 2.5.

Speeding up our slowest endpoint by 90 percent feature image Photo Credit: “Messenger's Speed,” Clint Cearley

New Default Theme

You might have noticed that the MTGATracker UI has changed dramatically. Here's how to go back to the old version if you don't like it.

MTGATracker's "Model of Trust"

How MTGATracker verifies your identity in MTGA & handles user data—all without a single password

MTGATracker's Photo Credit: “Amulet of Safekeeping,” Aaron Miller

Contributor Profile: daphpunk

An introduction to the lead editor at Who Tracks the Trackers?

Contributor Profile: Spencatro

An introduction to the lead dev of MTGATracker

Hello Multiverse

Hello Multiverse! All stories start somewhere, and WTTT's starts... here

Hello Multiverse feature image Photo Credit: “Secret Base,” Matt Gaser