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We’ve been asked in discord, on twitter, and even through emails to reduce the total screen size that MTGATracker takes up. Especially with new formats like Singleton, deck lists are taking up more and more vertical space, as they have more unique cards to track. I’ve put a bit of effort into creating a new design that solves these issues, and hopefully also makes important parts of the UI stand out better, and we’re excited to roll these changes out! Here’s a preview of what the new default theme will look like (all images were taken on a 1080p monitor on the first draw of a quick-singleton match):

The new default theme

If that’s just too small for you, you can also turn off “minimized” mode to get this look. A full singleton deck still won’t quite fit on the screen, but it does still show you more than the old style:

Flat, but not minimized

And of course, if you just want to go back to how it was, you still can:

The old style is still available

You can manage these settings in the Themes tab in settings:

How to manage flat style theming

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