About daphpunk

i have no idea what to put here i have rewritten the sentence ‘hi i’m daphpunk & i’m your resident giant dork’ about 192320958 times and then there is no progression from there can this just be blank?

a quick note from Spencatro: no. no it cannot.

Quick Q’s

Explain your handle:

It’s a nickname I got in college that’s a play on another nickname of mine- and also the band Daft Punk (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

How are you contributing to MTGATracker?

Humbly, as the editor of the blog!

What’s your real name OR Do you go by any aliases?

My name’s Daphne, but call me Daph!

When did you start playing MTG?

A friend from my summer job taught me how to play about five years ago, but I didn’t pick it up again (let alone do anything even halfway serious or competitive) until I met Spencatro two years ago :)

What colors do you play?

I really love playing black-green! The Explore mechanic from the Ixalan block is so, so much fun to tool around with in Standard.

Favorite card?

Vraska, Relic Seeker, no question.

Favorite MTG Format, Platform, or Play style?

I am pretty deeply infatuated with MTGA, and I’ve got a dang incredible 2HG partner, so let’s just call those my favorites! But I have yet to meet a format, platform, or play style I didn’t like (in-person Draft is a little intimidating, but I think that makes it even more fun).

What’s your favorite game other than MTG?

Hearthstone! (I do have a pretty unhealthy on & off relationship with Candy Crush, though.)

Do you have a favorite content creator, MTG or otherwise?

My superfoxy fiancee, Spencatro, of course (^წ^)

Do you have a homebase location?

I’ve been bopping about the Pacific Northwest for my entire life (with a colorful four-year stint in New Jersey for college).